Our Policy is Your Privacy Matters

The ‘Garden Life’ website collects personal identification information, (i.e. your name, email address, etc), in order to process your order, enhance your use of the site and to email updates of exciting changes or offers, in the future.

None of this information is or will ever be sold or passed to a third party.

The ‘Garden Life’ website uses ‘cookies’, so it can recognise you, allowing you to register for free courses, login and record your progress.

Garden Life Android App

The ‘Garden Life’ android application will regularly collect personally unidentifiable information on you while you have it installed. By clicking “ACCEPT” you are giving this application owner (Graeme Farrer) a consent to transfer this information to its undermentioned data partners. Specifications on which exact information will be transferred to each data partner and for which purposes are also presented below.

Yandex AppMetrica

With your permission, this application will use Yandex AppMetrica service to regularly collect Data on application performance. Yandex AppMetrica will collect information about installs, sessions info, crashes and other data described in its Data Processing Agreement

ToolbarStudio Inc.

This application’s data partner ToolbarStudio Inc. (“ToolbarStudio”) will collect data from your device on a regular basis, such as Google advertising ID, IP address, mobile web browser type and version, device make and model and other data described in its Mobile App Privacy Policy. ToolbarStudio will use collected data only for the purpose of this application usage analytics, which can be further transfered to this application’s owner. By clicking “ACCEPT” you confirm that you are over the age of 18 and provide explicit consent to allow ToolbarStudio to: (a) collect, use, and share your Data as described above and in its Mobile App Privacy Policy; (b) to associate the Google Advertising ID from your device with other data. If you click “DECLINE”, ToolbarStudio will not collect Data about you. If you wish to have any prior collected data removed from ToolbarStudio database, please use special opt-out form.

Personalized advertisements

This application will collect, use and transfer data to its advertising partners (by using appropriate partners SDKs or mediation adapters) from your device for personalized advertising purposes. This data includes device identifiers, location information, demographic and interest data. List of this application advertising partners :

1. Google Mobile Ads (Admob)
2. MoPub
3. Fyber
4. Facebook
5. Appnext
6. Vungle
7. AdColony
8. Silvermob
9. Mobfox

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